Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Online marketing company

According to Buy.com, you can see a 40% increase in sales in just one month! They know because they experienced such impressive growth this past December thanks to improved Online marketing company. Although, there's no magic bullet says marketing VP Jeff Wisot, who adds: "It's not one thing; it's several things."

First, they diversified. Previously, Buy.com was angling toward becoming the premier consumer electronics site. They couldn't have added apparel, jewelry, shoes and unique gifts at a better time: the consumer electronics market dropped 25% this season! Affiliate Marketing is one of the strategies Online marketing company employ to help clients diversify. Through a partnership with Ritz Camera and J&R Electronics, Buy.com was able to add wider and better selection to their catalog.

Next they worked on improving payment options. In addition to accepting credit cards, they also added PayPal and Bill Me Later methods, which many consumers took advantage of this year. Online marketing company call this niche "E-commerce Solutions," which encompasses online cataloging, shopping carts, web security and payment methods.

Lastly, Buy.com benefited greatly from a unified viral video / TV ad campaign starring Howie Mandel of "Deal Or No Deal." Since launching the online video at Youtube.com, there have been more than 13 million viewings! Online marketing company can help clients create memorable videos and market them appropriately, which directly translates to word-of-mouth advertising, web traffic and sales.

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